No Reprieve


Guerrero State, Mexico, 1971 . . .

Resistance is the only option when the self-sustaining Mexican peasant community of Tierra Linda is ordered to plant hundreds of their own acres with opium. Unwilling yet unprepared and afraid, the campesinos face overwhelming odds: dozens of well-armed thugs and Guerrero State Police led by the sadistic antagonist El Agricultor (The Farmer). To make things worse, the federal government won’t help them. That’s when Daniel Mendoza, co-founder of the community and former U.S. Marine, enlists capable friends to help. It’s a high-risk venture, with no time to lose because The Farmer has set a deadline for the campesinos to sow his precious seeds. No Reprieve is the story of Mendoza’s quest to thwart The Farmer and preserve the freedom of Tierra Linda.

Praise for No Reprieve

Daniel Mendoza battles crime and corruption that threaten his Mexican community, Tierra Linda. Mendoza and his colleagues dig deep into their spirituality, military experience, commitment to community and self-reliance. As a result, the author weaves a war story rich with diverse cultural traditions that overlap beautifully. [Jacobs’] writing is deftly paced, leaving the reader immensely satisfied.” —Tim Green, Syracuse, N.Y., author of Unstoppable

“Meticulous research highlights this historical novel of love, violence, community and resistance. Jacobs’ prose is a blend of exquisite descriptions, deep characterizations, and a plot that is ruthlessly compelling.” —Teresa Derrickson, Ph.D, former Assistant Professor of English, ​Gonzaga University

". . . a fascinating tale on parallel paths with exotic weapons, hand-to-hand fighting and military tactics complemented by Jewish, Christian and American Indian spirituality. His historical thriller is an intriguing account of Mexican campesinos who cannot trust their federal officials, the army or state police when they are threatened by opium-growing gangsters. Their only hope for survival is Daniel  Mendoza’s small band of idealists: local fighters and Vietnam veterans, including two of his Iroquois brethren who are Marine Corps counter-insurgency specialists. A captivating and engaging story.”

—Steven Burchik, San Ramon, California, author of A Compass and a Camera: A Year in Vietnam

“This novel features an eclectic group of seven spirit warriors who band together to battle the forces of physical and existential evil. Although this action/adventure story is set in a specific time and place in Mexico, Jacobs guides the reader along a transcendent exploration of the human condition—both body and soul—a journey only a gifted storyteller could aspire to, much less achieve.”

—Tim Kennedy, Ph.D., University of Tampa, author of Where The Rivers Meet The Sky: A Collaborative Approach to Participatory Development

“Oleg Maldonado, aka The Farmer, part-Russian and totally depraved, is an aspiring drug lord with a gang of thugs to back him up. His goal is to convert a peaceful agrarian community in Guerrero state, Mexico, into the source of his opium-producing scheme. However, that community and the people associated with it are dear to the author’s resourceful protagonist, Daniel Mendoza. And they’re not going down without a fight.” —Gary Lepper, Walnut Creek, CA, author of A Deadly Game

“Jacobs’ latest novel is as gripping as the previous two of the Daniel Mendoza series. I found myself drawn into the world he creates, and I spent days afterward pondering and reflecting on the experiences he represents: righteousness, love of community and persistence of good resisting evil.”
—Rabbi Eric Wisnia, Congregation Beth Chaim, Princeton Junction, N.J.

“The extent of the author’s knowledge about rural Mexican culture and his characters’ challenges is revealed in this novel, which is a rich and detailed tapestry. His main characters—men and women—are well-developed, and a reader can readily identify with them. Daniel Mendoza’s teenaged daughter, Sonia, is especially memorable as she demonstrates independence, courage and resolve.”
—Jann Jansen-James, Pleasant Hill, CA, author of The Truthseekers

By James A. Jacobs

Son of a professional boxer, the author earned degrees in English, Journalism, and Social Science from Syracuse University. An ex-Marine and former journalist, he lives with his wife, Susan, in San Rafael, California.  

ISBN: 978-1-53235803-6

Price: $16.95