BRANT, N.Y., 1952 . . .

In this prequel to Jacobs' 2015 novel, Days of the Dead, Daniel Mendoza, son of a Jewish professional boxer on the verge of his first title shot, blames himself for the terrible events which befall his family. However, while sheltered on an Iroquois reservation, he is counseled through a series of rituals and tests both physical and spiritual, which urge him toward manhood and a life-changing discovery.

Reflections on Transgressions

“After reading Transgressions, one would think the spirits of the Iroquois guided Jacobs. This novel captures the true spirituality and competitive nature of the sacred game of lacrosse. Emotionally charged and deeply moving, this novel is definitely a compelling read.”   —Roy Simmons Jr., lacrosse coach emeritus, ​Syracuse University 

“The author skillfully reveals how two high-minded uncles, one an Iroquois Faithkeeper and the other a Jewish Kabbalist, encourage their young nephew to shed his guilt and despair. Through rituals, games and friendship, they help him learn personal and communal responsibility. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s a great story that beautifully weaves the spirituality of religion with young love, lacrosse, football, and the corrupt world of boxing!” —Rabbi Eric B. Wisnia, Congregation Beth Chaim, Princeton Junction, N.J.

 “Jacobs conjures a rich trove of male adolescence, from physical and athletic tests, to initial and unsure forays into the adult worlds of bars, women, corruption, and betrayal. To follow Daniel Mendoza’s engrossing path through the thicket of morality and grief is to reflect on one’s journey and to continue a meditation on what it means to be a man.” —Kevin Lynch, sportswriter, “Niner Insider,” 

By James A. Jacobs

Son of a professional boxer, the author earned degrees in English, Journalism, and Social Science from Syracuse University. An ex-Marine and former journalist, he lives with his wife, Susan, in San Rafael, California.   Price: $14.95  
ISBN 978-0-915685-15-8